Project: 2. Existing Manuscript

Do you have a book manuscript completed and ready to use?

Then please use this book project to go through the steps to have it published.

This is a step by step process that operates like a self-study course. It takes you through to the publication and launch of your first book.

Units with an asterisk * are units where it is essential that you upload information.

Module 1 Edit your completed draft manuscript
Unit 1 Overview of Module 1
Unit 2 Making it Ready for Publication
Unit 3 Write content for the Front End - Manuscript
Unit 4 Rework Until Error Free
Module 2 Complete Your First Preview Manuscript
Unit 1 Overview of Module 2
Unit 2 Submit Your Book* - Manuscript
Unit 3 Create Your Book Cover*
Module 3 Prepare Your Manuscript for Publication
Unit 1 Overview of Module 3 - Manuscript
Unit 2 Get Reviews - Manuscript
Unit 3 Make Final Changes - Manuscript
Unit 4 Organise Activities for Publication - Manuscript
Unit 5 Update All Author Related Details Now
Module 4 Publish and Promote
Unit 1 Overview of Module 4 - Manuscript
Unit 2 Set Your Book Price and Promotions - Manuscript
Unit 3 Agree To Publication* - Manuscript
Unit 4 Carry Out Complete Launch Campaign

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