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Audiobook Production

The creation of an audiobook of good quality requires specialist expertise and software but fundamentally needs good narration.

There are several options to consider. We are happy to discuss them for your particular book and requirements. We provide fixed price quotations so you know exactly what your costs will be.
In addition to the production of the book we can organise distribution through various popular channels including our own audiobook website.

Audiobooks are growing in popularity and it is normally well worth having an audiobook edition.

We have a simple and efficient method of producing high quality audiobook content.
The files are produced in standard format so they can be published on multiple platforms which means you are not limited to one channel.
The biggest component of cost is the time taken by the “narrator” who records the content.

Once recorded the costs per copy are minimal because this is a digital product so the production costs can be recovered with a relatively low volume of sales.

We offer two basic methods of audiobook production.

  • A collaborative approach where the author or their nominee does the basic recording – under advice and guidance from us – and we do the rest.
  • An all-inclusive package where we undertake the complete production process.

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    Audiobook Basics

    Audiobooks are easy to use and just need a suitable player. Audiobook players are usually special APPs on phones, tablets or computers rather than purpose-made devices.
    Listening to an audiobook is very similar to listening to a music album or podcast series but usually the audiobook player makes it easy to control by allowing the listener to select books and chapters easily and to stop with a "bookmark" so it is easy to resume.
    We aim to make our audiobooks available to as wide an audience as possible by providing free audiobook player apps that work on a wide range of devices.

    There are two basic factors that determine quality for a given book...

    • The standard of narration.
    • The technical quality of the recording.

    Although it is certainly true that a professional narrators will typically render an audiobook text to a high standard, in our experience many authors and amateur narrators are able to produce results which listeners are more than comfortable with.

    Only a few years ago it was necessary to use a recording studio to achieve high technical sound quality but now it is possible to get very good results at home using computers, tablets or even smart phones to record and readily available editing software to produce the final results.

    We can undertake the complete process of audiobook production but often we collaborate with authors to produce audiobook editions of their works very economically.