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If you need additional help with writing, editing, illustrations, book covers, audiobooks, reprints, new editions, book promotions or an author website then you should find what you are looking for here. We also offer coaching and mentoring.

You may want help with something that is not included in the package you purchased to Publish With Us.

Here is where you can purchase extra services at special rates that are lower than what we charge individuals who are not signed up with us.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Copy Editing involves checking, correcting and editing a manuscript file. It ranges form basic checks and corrections to spelling, typographical errors, punctuation, grammar and readability through to comprehensive re-writing in a different style. Other checks are sometimes included. For example, references, dates and names may be checked. All the extra re-writing and checking will add to the cost. The level of editing is tailored to what kind of copy edit you require. In most case our authors want copy editing with a “light touch” that leaves the authors “voice” alone.

Proofreading involves checking the final formatted file of the book’s contents before it is sent to the printers. It is similar to basic copy editing in that it includes checks on spelling, typographical errors, punctuation and grammar. It also involves checks on other items such as page references but, unlike copy editing, it is not about changes and re-writing.

We charge a fixed price based on an examination of the manuscript file. The Copy Editor or Proof Reader normally completes a sample 1000 words and bases the fee on that level of work being applied to the whole manuscript. Payment is required in advance.
To obtain an assessment see the request form below.

Ghost Writing

Some authors want extra help with writing either because they find it difficult to write to the standard they desire or because they are under time pressures. Either way, a Ghost writer can be the answer. Ghost writing is very common but not always mentioned when a book is published. Ghost writers sometimes take a rough draft or plan provided by the author as a starting point but in other cases they shoulder more of the burden and basically interview the author and then do the writing.

To obtain further details of ghost writing services the request form below.

Artwork – illustrations and cover images

Illustrations are not included in any of our packages. Standard cover design is included.

We have number of excellent illustrators available to us including in-house illustrators and a number of specialist freelance illustrators.
Charges vary enormously depending upon factors such as: the illustrator’s normal rates, the number of illustrations required, the type of illustrations, the level of detail or complexity required.

To obtain an assessment or obtain a sample see the request form below.

Reprints, edition updates and corrections, new editions and new books

Here are some brief notes by way of reminders for easy reference.

  • Reprints. As an author you can purchase additional copies of your book from us at cost price (plus delivery charges). You can order as many or as few as you wish but it is more economic to buy multiple copies because of the way delivery charges work. Just contact us to find out the latest cost.
  • Updates and corrections We can do updates and corrections to your book at any time, but because there is a charge by the printers for changes to the files (cover or contents) it is best to batch up any changes.
    Minor updates, and corrections can be carried out without the need to issue new edition with a new ISBN. Indeed, it is frowned on to issue a “new edition” that isn’t substantially different because it can mislead people into buying a new copy needlessly. Normally, a note is included on the title page such as “reprinted with amendments and correction”, along with the date.
  • New editions If you do want to produce a new edition of your book we can normally charge less than for the first edition because some work can carry over. Just contact us to discuss what you have in mind.
  • New books As an existing author with us we will normally accept for publication any new book that you write and also charge special reduced rates. Just contact us to discuss what you have in mind and preferably sooner rather than later.

What else?

We also offer the following additional services.

All these are at rates only available to those registered on this website.
Just click on the links for more details.

  • Audiobook production
  • Book promotions – including social media services click here
  • Websites for authors click here

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