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Professional Grade Websites – at sensible prices

We believe that authors want their websites to look professional but want that at sensible prices

Responsive Web Site
Most ready made tools for building your own website do the job but often produce amateurish results and seldom provide more than very basic facilities. They are probably not good enough for you as an author. Why? Because if you are an author there is a good chance that you are also a specialist with a reputation to protect who works as a professional, consultant, coach, trainer, speaker or in some other discipline. In that case you probably want a professionally built web site. You need a website to promote and publicise yourself and through which you can demonstrate your expertise and quite possibly supply or sell your own products and services. Unfortunately, custom built websites like that tend to be rather expensive. Now we can offer an exciting new solution.

What we’ve done about it

What we have developed is a purpose built facility and software toolset to create professional grade web sites aimed at meeting the needs of authors (and those in similar occupations). It means that we have to do the minimum of bespoke tailoring and can therefore keep our costs and prices right down.

How it works

We use a template engine and our own website customiser to build each website using the WordPress web development platform.
All we need from you is the basic content and your preferences. We do the rest.

What You Get Pro Website Extended Pro Website
Professional Grade fully-responsive Web Site – individually styled and customised
Choice of customisable template designs – with colour schemes that can match your brand image Y Y
A set of standard pages: Home, Blog/News, About Us/me, Testimonials, Products/Services, plus 2 more of your choice Y Y
Fully responsive web pages that work on PCs, tablets and smart phones. Y Y
Links to social media – accounts set up as required. Currently supports: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Flikr, Pinterest, Instagram and RSS Y Y
Specialist pages for Video/YouTube. Displays you individual YouTube or MP3 files on fully responsive pages. For an example click here. Y Y
Slideshow feature. Enables the creation of a series of “slide” pages with forward-back navigation. For an example click here Y Y
One-off license for specialist software. No further or hidden fees. Y Y
Hosted website
First year’s hosting included Y Y
One and .com domain name – pick one as the website main URL Y Y
Unlimited emails – multiple mailboxes and mail forwarding Y Y
Backups & Updates (weekly and on changes) Y Y
On-line Store
Listing of physical and downloadable digital products N Y
Full set of customisable shop and download functions – similar to the ones you can use on this web site. N Y
Set-up of PayPal and credit card payment gateway. We can advise you on PayPal account creation and set up if you need help. N Y
Product and services search facility. Similar to “book search” in the header at N Y
Membership facilities – multiple types of membership each with their own access rules. Very useful when providing paid for downloads and support. N Y
Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions
Pro Website
Price £749

Extended Pro Website
Price £1495

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Responsive Web Site
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