The reasons why good books can fail to sell

This is the start of a series of blogs that will be announced via twitter @endlessbookcase.

Note that the title says “good books”; there are plenty of rubbishy books that will never sell (although even bad books do sell sometimes, but that’s another story).

The idea behind this series of blogs is to help authors to enhance their chances.

These reasons are not in any kind of priority order, so number one isn’t necessarily the most important thing to do. In fact, the problem can be rather like a combination lock where unless you line up a number of barrels nothing moves.

Reason number one

Prospective readers can’t find the book.

Where do readers look these days? The internet, of course. So the book has to have an internet presence.

At The Endless Bookcase we have a strategy for maximising the internet presence of every book we publish. It doesn’t create overnight results but, over time, it most definitely works.

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