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We work with you to get your book to a high quality so that it meets our high professional standards and is fit for publication by us and becomes available through all good booksellers

There are three options you can choose from -

which option is best for you?

Note that these are typical fees but may vary up or down depending upon your particular case

If you have already written most of your book, one of these Author Membership Publishing Packages will work well for you. If you haven't yet started writing, or have only written some of your book, then the Author Membership Toolkit may work better.

There are three Author Membership Publishing Packages on offer…

These are one-off payments, NOT subscriptions, and include the publication of one book

  1. Budget Membership Publishing Package £649 – providing the essentials to help you get your book written and published to a high standard.
  2. Premium Membership Publishing Package £1299 – providing you with a much more extensive set of services and personal support.
  3. Pro Membership Publishing Package £2549 – providing you with services and support to help you attain the level of a professional author.

All three packages include the items in the Author Membership Toolkit. If you have already purchased the Author Membership Toolkit then the amount you paid is credited against these packages. Just contact us to arrange payment.

Budget Membership Publishing Package £649


  • Comprehensive online (or printed) step-by-step guides to writing your book and preparing it for publication. Includes material for fiction and non-fiction on: planning, writing methods and styles, formatting, using illustration, copyright, references and reviews, marketing and more.
  • Full access to the online support forum where you can post questions and find answers to all your writing and publishing questions.
  • Support via email.
  • Free access to ad hoc webinars for authors on Zoom.


  • Checks on final manuscript – including minor corrections.
  • File formatting for publication (from Word file and images submitted by the author).
  • Basic book cover design. Text only or using suitable cover image supplied by the author.
  • Creation of ebook file as an epub (the international standard) and Kindle (Amazon).
  • Allocation of ISBN (international standard number for book identification) for each edition.
  • Initial printed copies for the author (one pre-print proof copy for checking and one published copy).
  • Further copies available to the author at special rates (typically much more favourable than self-publishing).


  • Publication as an ebook edition through multiple channels including: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Google and
  • Publication of a paperback edition typically in A5, A6 or Novel (other sizes are available up to A4 – please check).
  • Individual author webpage to publicise you and your book.
  • Distribution of the printed edition through multiple major distribution channels – and therefore available to bookstores.
  • Online sales and order fulfilment of the printed book – via our shop at and through other online bookstores.
  • Copies are sent to the UK Repositories (British Library, Bodleian etc).
  • Good royalty rates – profit from sales split 50:50 with the author.


  • Pre-release and release promotions.
  • Ongoing promotions via social media.
  • Can be offered for pre-order before publication – including crowdfunding.

Premium Membership Publishing Package £1299

Budget package, plus:

  • Reviews of intermediate manuscript drafts.
  • Copy editing and proof reading of completed manuscript.
  • Hosted online book launch event after release.
  • Enhanced book cover design. Using images created by an illustrator.
  • Coaching* – Eight half hour 1-2-1 online sessions.

Pro Membership Publishing Package £2549

Pro package, plus:

  • Mentoring** – Eight half hour 1-2-1 online sessions.

* guidance on how to attain your goals as an author.
**receiving knowledge, skills and techniques from a best-selling author.

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Further Information

If you would like further information or an initial assessment please submit your details below.
Please note that if you have already written your book or are at an advanced stage in writing it we would prefer to see a synopsis.
Here is a guide to writing a synopsis.

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    You write your book with advice when you need it and we take care of all the technical and commercial work

    Why waste your time working through all the traps and pitfalls of self-publishing when you can concentrate on being an author and have us publish your book professionally?

    Our aim is to help you to complete writing your book and published it.

    Most authors get stuck sooner or later and many find it hard to get started. Wherever you are in the journey we can help you complete it.

    We also aim to help you do what needs to be done to make your book a success.

    By default, we take you through a process that will lead to the publication of your book with us. However, we can also help you to self-publish or submit your book to one of the major publishing houses.

    If all you want at this stage is some good advice and guidance then you might like our Author Toolkit which only cost £8 per month (click here for details and 14 day FREE TRIAL).

    For that you get access to step-by-step guides plus on-line resources such as downloadable documents plus videos and, not least, access to a forum where you can post requests for help and support.

    Initial assessment

    If you have an idea for a book or a synopsis for a book you are writing or a draft manuscript we will be happy to give you an initial assessment.

    Just contact us about it using the form on this page.

    If your manuscript is in a finished state, apart from a final round of edits and checks, then it's probably best to sign up so we can get the work under way because it does take time to complete the preparation work.

    We do the following...
    • Conduct manuscript checks.
    • Format the files ready for printing and ebook production.
    • Insert and format any illustrations (we have guidelines on how best to submit them).
    • Allocate an ISBN (an international standard number for book identification) for each edition.
    • Create files for the front and back covers.
    • Produce proof copies for checking and pre-publication reviews.
    • Create individual author web site page(s) to publicise you and your book.
    • Publish and distribute through multiple channels.
    • Sell your book on-line and fulfil orders for it.
    When we publish your book you also benefit from the following..
    • Copies available to you the author at special rates (typically much more favourable than self-publishing).
    • Genuine Print on Demand (PoD) where you can buy as many or as few copies as you want when you want.
    • Distributing and selling your book through multiple channels for eBooks and paper book editions - and audiobook where applicable.
    • Ongoing support promoting your book. This is very much a collaborative effort.
    • Order sales and fulfilment. We handle all orders for your books.
    • Collecting payments and processing royalties from sales - split 50:50 with author.

    Have you already published?

    We are regularly approached for help by authors who have had problems with self-publishing. If you have had disappointing results or other problems we are happy to do a free assessment with a view to identifying what may be done to deal with the issues.

    As one author said "The trouble is that you don't know what you don't know" so sometimes there can be fairly simple measures that make a big difference.

    In other cases it can be more cost effective for us to re-publish a new version of the book under our umbrella.

    Just contact us for a free assessment if you have a self-published book that you need help with. Contact us about it using the form on this page.

    We are members of the IPG (Independent Publishers Guild).

    We are seeking new and established authors. Have you written a non-fiction books that shares your experiences and expertise? Do get in touch. For fiction, we are keen to support unpublished authors. More generally, we believe in freedom of expression so favour editing with a light touch and shun political correctness.


    We recognise that some authors would rather self-publish than publish with us or any other publisher. For that reason we have a completely separate department that provides technical services to self-publishing authors.

    For further details click here.