Author Membership Toolkit

The Author Membership Toolkit is something you'll probably want
to use throughout the process of writing and publishing your book.

It can be purchased as a monthly subscription,
or is included for free in any of our Author Membership Publishing Packages.

You can start with the Author Membership Toolkit
and then buy what additional help you want as and when you need it.


The Author Membership Toolkit costs just £8 per month and you can start with a FREE one month trial.

If you click on Buy Now you will be taken to a cart for card payment which takes a £0.00 initial payment and the full payment after one month if not cancelled.


What is the Author Membership Toolkit?

The Author Membership Toolkit is a set of resources for your personal use as an author and intended to cover everything you need by way of methods and know-how to make your book a success.

To make the Author Toolkit work well we back it up with ongoing support, this includes mutual support by our authors, with optional access to our authors WhatsApp group chat. The Author Membership Toolkit is integral to our more extensive packaged service, which has three publishing package options.

*Note: If you haven’t yet finished writing your book then the Author Membership Toolkit might be the best option for you. If you have already finished writing your book, our Membership Packages, which each include the publication of one book and include the Author Membership Toolkit, may be the better option.

Author Membership

The Author Membership Toolkit is all about long term support in the preparation, publication and promotion of your book(s) and especially about helping you get your book(s) written, published, promoted and sold.


In outline:

  • If you haven’t yet started we provide you with step-by-step guides plus support resources including a forum, downloads and video content.
  • if you are further through writing your book then then you can dip in and out of the guides to check on things that you need.
  • Much of the guidance is specialised including such things as: copyright issues, ISBN numbers, formatting, titles and subtitles.
  • We advise and guide you on how to get reviews and editorial input on your manuscript, we also have our own reviewers and editors that we can quote for.
  • When it comes to the pre-launch, launch and ongoing promotion of your book we also provide advice, guidance and practical examples that you can adapt and use.
  • We offer a range of additional forms of specialist support (at special rates to members), including audio transcription, editing, illustrations, cover design and ghost writing.
  • You have the opportunity to promote yourself as an author (and in the other roles where the book will enhance your reputation) via The Endless Bookcase website and by using our guides for promoting your book.
  • We undertake ongoing promotional activities and involve you in them.
  • You also get optional free access to our Authors Support WhatsApp Group, author calendar and the monthly author Zoom meetings.

All this cost just £8 per month and you can start with a FREE one month trial.
If you click on Buy Now you will be taken to a cart for card payments that takes a £0.00 initial payment and the full payment after one month if not cancelled.

*If you have already purchased the Author Membership Toolkit or one of the Author Membership Publishing Packages then please visit the login page to login to the Author Membership area and get started today –>>

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    How easy is it?

    How easy is it to write a book? Well it's obviously not a small job but that doesn't in itself make it difficult and most people who don't finish, or who write books that flop, don't fail because of the amount of work but for other reasons.

    What are the other reasons? They are often to do with the author becoming stuck through not knowing what to do about some aspect of the work. Another common reason for failure is bad mistakes made by the author through ignorance of critical factors that are needed for success.

    Our Author Toolkit provides you with what you need to get your book finished and published with a fighting chance of doing well. It will be a book worthy of publications.

    The Author Toolkit is provided through our Author Membership scheme which ensures that you not only have the right tools for the job but advice, guidance and support when you need it.

    Within the Author Toolkit what we provide is step-by-step guidance to the writing process - and for different kinds of books and different author goals. If you follow the process you will get your book finished and published and it will be a book worthy of publications.

    Individual Advice and Guidance

    If you'd like to be able to obtain individual advice and guidance without paying for one-on-one coaching or mentoring then it is possible as part of your Author Membership scheme by posting questions on our Forum.

    The forum already provides answers to popular questions so you might like to search it first but if you can't find an answer you can just post your question. You post your specific question on our forum and then we, and sometimes other members, will respond with an answer. Sometimes this leads to a series of related questions and answers under the same heading.

    The forum has undergone an extensive update as part of launching this new version of this website with outdated material being removed. New Forum topics have been introduced so now is a good time to post questions.

    Coaching and Mentoring

    If you feel that you want some individual one on one support then this is available for an extra fee. We tailor this to meet your individual requirements so there is no fixed fee. It's possible to book anything from an individual hour of support to a full programme. Just discuss your requirements with us and we'll offer something to suit you.

    What about the actual job of writing?

    Many authors we talk to ask what help is available with the actual job of writing. They know what they want to say but recognise that they have some limitations when writing. Believe it or not it is extremely rare to find an author who doesn't need some kind of help. Often it's basic editing and checking that's needed.. Most of us find it hard to spot our own mistakes and writing foibles. In other cases the author wants more help than that. Many books are produced by ghost writers working close with the author and doing the actual writing. Some authors write rough drafts and then get an editor to re-work the draft into a well-finished work. Whatever help you want we are able to provide the right kind of specialist to handle it for you.