What do you want your readers to know, think, feel or be able to do when they have read your book?

We can help you achieve that and make your book a real success.

Your book can be made successful in other ways too.

Many first-time authors fail because "they don't know what they don't know" and therefore make damaging mistakes.

We can offer you help in a variety of different ways so do read on to identify what suits you.

Publish With Us

Publishing Package

6 Benefits from publishing with us

  1. Publication by a real publisher - not self-publishing or a vanity publishing scheme.
  2. Expert advice and guidance.
  3. All technical work done for you.
  4. Your book is available everywhere.
  5. Marketing, sales and distribution all covered.
  6. Fairer terms and conditions.

Author Membership Toolkit

author toolkit

5 key things we help you get right

  1. The right genre and classification - so your book gets found.
  2. An effective plan - so you are productive and your book gets finished.
  3. A consistent style that works for you and your readers.
  4. Getting the right title, subtitle and cover - so your intended readers find and buy your book.
  5. Good editing, checking and proof reading so the quality is high.

We are a publisher and also provide specialist publishing services that support other publishers including authors who wish to self-publish.


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