Author Rescue – seven simple tips

If you are an author and not getting the results you want then read on…

Authors often come to us telling the sad story that, having take time and expense to get published, they struggle to get any sales and often get very little help from their publishers.

We try to help when we can. There is no sure-fire way to improve the sales of a book and it can take a long time to find something that works.

Here are seven simple tips that might help you…

  1.  Ask your readers to review your book on every channel where it is sold.   For example, on Amazon it pays to get reviews on multiple sites such as, and    Reviews need to be short and informative.   A review that starts with “I was looking for a book that… “ and goes on to say why your book was what they wanted works well. Star ratings of 4  or 5 out of 5 are needed.  Note that a reviewer doesn’t have to have bought the book through each channel (although that adds authority) but merely needs to be registered and logged in.
  2. Use social media to inform people about your book but don’t try to sell it.  Instead, whet people’s appetites through snippets and teases.   Post regularly.
  3. Engage with your local media such as local newspapers. They like stories about local authors.
  4. Speak to local book stores to see if they will stock your book – and maybe you can offer to do signing. Bookshops vary a lot in their attitude to local authors so don’t lose heart if you get a bad reception.
  5. Consider having a book launch even if it’s some time since your book was published.  Make sure you invite the local media and anyone who will champion your book.
  6. Speak to your local library and maybe even give them a  copy.  You can also offer to do a signing at the library.
  7. Create promotional offers, and ask for your publisher’s support. Promotional offer works best if they are time-bound (e.g. expire in 7 or 10 days)  and limited by number (e.g only 100 copies).

And if none of that seems to work then some more radical steps may be needed.   We have a number of measures we apply but that’s probably best left for another blog.