Why publish with the endless bookcase?

There are many benefits to publishing with us rather than self-publishing a book, such as:

  • Although we offer a simple self-publishing package, our main service is a step above self-publishing and by publishing with us you will benefit from our help with any issues you might have, as well as having us here to deal with all the technical stuff and print requirements.
  • Unlike most publishing companies we are happy to let the author have a say in their vision for their book.
  • We offer a friendly, personal service for each and every one of our authors.
  • If your book needs proofreading or editing, we can help with this too. Basic checks are included in the service but full professional editing or proof reading are extras.
  • We are unbiased towards publications – if you think your book is worth publishing then so do we. We think that the readers should decide what books have merit. All we require is that, before publication, the book has been fully checked, corrected and reviewed. How much of that you want to do yourself, or with the help of friends, is largely down to you.
  • As part of the package, when publishing your book with us we put it up for sale on our site as well as a number of other sites including; Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Google, and good bookshops.
  • We offer print on demand services (PoD), meaning you can order small quantities for very competitive prices. This typically means you get better rates than you would self-publishing.
  • You’re not locked to one retailer – your paperback will be for sale on multiple websites. You can also order your own copies to sell or give away to friends, colleagues, clients etc.
  • We run promotions of all our books and also help you with your own promotions of your book. We also give advice on what promotion you can be doing to make your book a success.
  • We can also help you create an audiobook edition.

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