What to include on the back cover of your book

The back cover (or online wording) of a book is extremely important for any book sold. It is often the deciding factor once a front cover has caught the attention of a potential reader. As a result it is important to get across the right information.

  • About the book blurb/synopsis: This is a brief description of your book with the purpose of luring in your readers. Depending on the genre of your book, it might help to look at other books on the market in the same category and see the style of writing they’ve used and how they’re describing their books. An important point to remember is that you don’t want a summary; include some points about what’s inside but don’t list off everything there is, or tell too much of your story line if your book is fiction. But try to bring the reader in straight away.
  • About the author: This section could include qualifications, experience, why the author decided to write the book, or any other relevant information a reader might like to know. This can be particularly useful for non-fiction books as it can help the reader to trust the expertise of the writer by knowing more of their background. We would recommend that you also include a photograph of yourself.
  • Testimonials/recommendations: These can be particularly useful if written by an expert in the field or an influential/well-known figure. The best reviews will be specific to that book, not just a comment like “Great read”. An example of a useful review might go something like this: “I was looking for a book that covered… and found this one… It was good because… I think the book would be useful to anyone who is looking for/wants…”

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