What’s the deal?

The deal is simple and it’s this

If you have written a book, or are writing a book, or have an idea for a book, and you would like to work with The Endless Bookcase to produce, publish, promote and sell it, then we have a number of packages to help you get your book into print.

As a signed up author you:

  • Write the book and provide all the information and collaboration we need when we are promoting it. This is a partnership!
  • Pay the fee for the package you want.

And we:

  • Advise and guide you through the writing and promotion process.
  • Provide you with guides, tools, templates, etc to make your job easier.
  • Do all the technical work. In particular, we turn your manuscript into an e-book in all the popular e-book formats and into a format that can be used for a printed book – when required, but we publish e-book editions first. (Yes, you can create your own e-book using free software – but it will probably show!)
  • Publish the book as a Kindle book on Amazon, and on our own website in other formats. We are also list our books for sale through various other channels.
  • Promote your book using a variety of modern and traditional means. 
  • Provide you with free copies for review and promotional purposes – and for special offers so you can earn extra money from sales as if you had self-published.
  • Handle all the commercial aspects required to sell your book – including administering and operating online shops.
  • Pay you a royalty of at least 20% (more than twice the rate offered by many publishers). In some cases the royalty we pay can be as much as 35%.
  • Promote you as an author, including featuring you on your own profile page on The Endless Bookcase website.

All of this comes free once you have signed up. If you want more hands-on help to write your book (including finding a ghost writer), we can do that too. We’ll charge for this with clear and simple fee packages, so you can choose the level of support you want for the budget you have.

What’s the catch?

We’ve tried to make sure there isn’t one.  There is one condition that restricts you: we want exclusive publishing rights (but you have your own personal exemptions when you need them). We think that’s fair because we are making a long-term investment in you and your works. If you have already published your work on paper we merely want exclusive e-publishing rights and secondary rights.

Once your book is published and promoted by us what will really count are the reviews and recommendations your book gets. E-book sales are mostly viral. If your topic or taste appeals to a niche market that’s fine. On the internet, with billions of users, even a tiny percentage of the audience can be a big market.

So let why not look at our sign-up options?

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