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Ghost Writing and Editing

Are you struggling to find the time to write your book? Perhaps you find it hard to get your ideas down on paper or worked into in suitable format for a book? If so, then help is at hand.

You might be surprised how many people say they have these problems and then solve them with the help of a ghost writer or editor.

Here at The Endless Bookcase we use a number of specialist freelance ghost writers and editors that we know and trust. It is a case of “horses for courses” though. So, for example, if you want help with writing or editing a business book we have a small number of individuals who specialise in that but if your book is more of an autobiography or in a non-business topic we’ll have a different specialist in mind.

If you only require a small amount of editing it’s usually simpler if you leave it to us to get the work covered but for a complete book writing project we’ll put you directly in touch with a suitable ghost writer or editor. They will be able to discuss your requirements, work out costs and plan out the work with you. The success rates tend to be high.

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    Everyone judges books by their covers!

    What we do to make a good cover is use the right key elements

    Five Common Mistakes

    Here are five common mistakes made by self-published authors...

    Unclear genre

    Can you say what label should be on the shelf in a bookshop that the book belongs on?

    Lack of planning

    Even the more intuitive writing methods need some degree of planning and for non-fiction works of any size a lack of planning is often fatal

    Unclear or inconsistent style

    Although some authors seem instinctively to know what style to adopt for the work in hand more commonly authors give little thought to the style they adopt, often using a style that's inappropriate or worse switching styles mindlessly.

    Poor choice of title

    "Clever" titles tend to be self-indulgent and inappropriate. It's normally a good idea to have a subtitle that complements the title.

    Inadequate editing and checking

    It's not easy to get a manuscript into a well-finished state suitable for publishing. It typically takes many rounds of careful editing and checking. "Publish in haste - regret forever".