#SillyVerse23 and the #SillyVerse23 competition is here! Please post your SillyVerse on social media throughout February. If you would like to enter the competition, your entries must also be submitted to us using the form below (or scroll to the bottom of this page for more info):


    #SillyVerse23 themes for each day of February are:

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    What is #SillyVerse23?

    SillyVerse is all about having fun with writing and sharing one-verse poems that are humorous or quirky.
    #SillyVerse23 runs all the way through February 2023 and ends with a chance for you and your friends to vote on your favourite #SillyVerse23 poem. The overall winner and the winners for each day’s title will be issued with a certificate and have their poems published in a #SillyVerse23 book.
    Each author of a winning poem gets a free copy of the book. All profits from the publication will go to charity.
    Each day in February 2023 has a title or theme for poems shared that day. Just write a one-verse poem and share it on as many social media platforms as you wish using the hashtag #SillyVerse23 along with the theme title. You need to submit your poems on this website for them to be entered into the competition. We recommend that you submit each poem on the day it is released but entries can be made anytime up until Midnight GMT on 1st March 2023.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All entries must be single verse poems with humorous or quirky content.
    • Entries will not be accepted for any poems that contain profanities, swearing or deliberately offensive content but satire is welcome.
    • Only original material may be entered and must be entered by the copyright owner or someone authorised to act on their behalf.
    • By entering a poem, you agree to it being included in the list to be voted upon and agree to its publication and use in SillyVerse publicity and promotions. This includes and communications from us about your entry.
    • You are welcome to submit as many entries as you like.

    Please note that each entry is moderated before it is released for display. Also, there can be some debate as to what constitutes a single verse, since it is partly a matter of arbitrary punctuation. The moderator will take a relaxed view on this point but please enter into the spirit of #SillyVerse23 and avoid the submission of lengthy works.

    Examples (can you do something better than this?)

    Title: Parents
    The smoke grew thick
    the flames shot up
    and all around we’re choking.
    Just as the fire brigade arrived
    my father stopped his smoking.

    Title: Food
    There was a young fellow called Bobby
    who had an unusual hobby
    He went to retreats
    all covered in sweets
    till a dog ate him up in a lobby.

    #SillyVerse23 is sponsored by The Endless Bookcase.

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