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Hello darkness my old friend,
Time for my doppio espresso again
Alex French

Saying ‘Hello’ can brighten someone’s day
A warm smile, a nod of the head,
So much power, in one little word
Don’t be afraid to use it.
It costs you nothing.
Caroline Blackhurst

Silly fellow
says hello
to his reflection in the mere

Silly clown he
reaches down
to shake a hand that isn't there

Silly fool
he's in the pool
The story takes a plunge; oh dear ...

They filled the boat with hay
and enough food for a day
But in the still of night
The boat got up and ran away
Derek Williams

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
Because I am actually quite a bore,
But if you’re into someone who loves a dance,
And could get you into a trance,
I may be the one you’re looking for,
But I do snore.
Karen Affleck

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