Proofreading mark up

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Here is a marked up copy.

Marked up proofreading copy


All corrections are highlighted and some highlights contain multiple corrections.

Depending on how you count them, there are around 30 mistakes in the original in need of correction.

Some mistakes can be corrected in more than one way.

Very few of the mistakes are picked up by spell checkers.

In paragraph two there is a list needing internal punctuation by commas so a semicolon is used to delineate the list items. You might say that is pedantic but it is well recognised convention and does aid clarity. Copy editors and proof readers know about such things.

The original paragraph third from the end beginning “Books in some.. “ contained a “none are” which is normally corrected to “none is” because “none” is singular and means not one. The same sentence contained “due to” which in this context would normally be corrected to “because of” but the whole sentence was clumsy so a good copy editor would rewrite it.

There is a case for writing “eBook” differently,- as ”e-Book “ say, but at least the original was consistent and there is no clear rule on this so that was left as is.

There is comfort to authors in knowing that if they haven’t spotted errors then most of their readers won’t either. Nevertheless, errors do annoy the readers who do spot them and are best removed.

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